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Scripts Updated to Tutorial #272.

The Time Has Come...

The time has finally come. What time is that? The time to close down

New Start, New Website!

As some people have already heard, I am rebooting BurgZerg Arcade. While I loved the time that I have spent creating Unity tutorials, I want to do more. Quite a bit more actually.

001 - Animation Retargetting in Motion Builder

In this video we take a look at how we can retarget our animations on other characters in motion builder.

Update & Kaeleb's Tutorial

Since I am still pretty much living in the hospital, Kaeleb and I have been doing a lot of little silly videos.

First Live Show on Twitch TV

With the changes being made to the live show, I figured I better get over to and see how things work over here.

13 - Bootcamp Radar System - Make it Work !

Hi everyone

MegaShapes run time lofter demo video

This is a quick little demo we made to show the MegaShapes loft system being used as a run time track editor.

Unity Game Engine Tutorial: HS2 001

With the reboot of the Hack and Slash series for Unity 4, I have decided to include the scene files for the people that have purchassed the scripts.

#OUYA Controller Mapping for #Unity3d

OUYA Controller Mapping for Unity

Unity Remote Server Basics

One of the questions that I get on a regular basis is how to I communicate with a server over the internet with Unity.