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Hack And Slash Tutorial Scripts

Hack And Slash (Basic) Scripts

This product is being moved to a new site. If you wish to purchase the scripts in this product, I would advise getting them from the new site at: Hack And Slash Tutorial Scripts

This package includes all of the scripts that are in the basic Hack And Slash Tutorial Series.

The Hack And Slash Tutorial Series is a small RPG style game created in C# and using the Unity Game Engine. You can get the game engine for free from

This package is for those that do not want to enter the code themselves, can not enter the code for what ever reason, or just want to support the Tutorial Series by buying me a couple cups of coffee.

With that said, this item is not needed as I enter all of the code in the videos, and you are welcome to enter the code along with me.

This is a digital product. This file will be updated with each release of a new tutorial module. So be sure to revisit your 'Files' section to get the latest updates.

So what is included in the basic tutorial series?

  • Melee/Ranged/Magic Combat System
  • Targeting Through Multiple Targets
  • A Way Point System
  • Spawning Of Mobs
  • Enemy AI
  • Inventory System/Item Management
  • Spell Book/Spell Management
  • How To Create A Web Player As Well As A Stand Alone Version
  • Easily Expandable Player Attributes/Vitals/Skills
  • Day/Night Cycle

How much is your time worth to you? $10.00 saves you all of the typing.

The tutorial series can be found here:

Keep in mind that tis series is currently an ongoing tutorial, and is actively being developed. Scripts are constantly being updated to add new functionality, or to clean something up. The scripts are kept in the latest state, so may not always look like they do in the video you are watching.