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Tutorials on Maya.

0005 Unity (1 to 1 scale)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a model that will hold the 1:1:1 ratio in both Maya and in Unity.

0004 Unity (thinking outside the box)

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics:

- where items are saved in the Unity Game Engine
- exporting an object from maya to in to unity to learn proper scale
- scaling items in Unity
- grid scale and sizing in maya

0062 Unity_project8 (assignment).mov

Cannedmushrooms hands out the assignment for project 8 in this tutorial.

0059 Unity_project8 (bump bake).mov

In this tutorial, Cannedmushrooms will go through the process on how to bake the bump maps in to our rooms.

0058 Unity_project8 (lights camera action).mov

Now that we have our texture baked, we import the rooms, and the texture into Unity. We adjust the exposure of the texture in Photoshop to brighten the scene up a bit, and then save it so Unity can use it. we finish it off by adding a point light in Unity to our scene.

0057 Unity_project8 (FBX).mov

In this tutorial, we will clean up the UV map, and apply our one large texture to the whole building so we can export just one material instead of 14.

0056 Unity_project8 (Lights).mov

In this tutorial, we will set everything up and go over the final baking options before we bake the textures.

0055 Unity project8 Materials

In this tutorial, we will work on lighting, and adjust our material types to get the look we are after.

0054 Unity_project8 (UV tetris).mov

In this tutorial, we will learn how to split our UVs apart and place them place them on a texture to take advantage of all the space. We will then start to readjust our tiling.

0053 Unity_project8 (Texture bake intro).mov

In this tutorial, Cannedmushrooms introduces you to the concept of texture baking done in maya.