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001 - Animation Retargetting in Motion Builder

In this video we take a look at how we can retarget our animations on other characters in motion builder.

Mecanim Tutorial Series

In this series we will take a look at one of unity's most powerful systems : Mecanim.

13 - Bootcamp Radar System - Make it Work !

Hi everyone

Unity Game Engine Tutorial: HS2 001

With the reboot of the Hack and Slash series for Unity 4, I have decided to include the scene files for the people that have purchassed the scripts.

#OUYA Controller Mapping for #Unity3d

OUYA Controller Mapping for Unity

Unity Remote Server Basics

One of the questions that I get on a regular basis is how to I communicate with a server over the internet with Unity.

12 - Bootcamp Radar System Restarted !

Here we are again after about two years !

How To Make Dll Libraries For Unity 3D

After one year of being silent, I thought to myself what would be a good tutorial to announce my coming back,
here it is.

285. Unity3d Tutorial - More Spells!

We are continuing on with our spell system for our Unity3d game by completing the implementation of the IAoE, and IBolt interfaces.

284. Unity3d Tutorial - Boom Boom Buff

In this video, we will create the Buff, Bolt, and AoE classes as well as work a bit more on our Spell Generator.