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001 - Animation Retargetting in Motion Builder

In this video we take a look at how we can retarget our animations on other characters in motion builder.

13 - Bootcamp Radar System - Make it Work !

Hi everyone

Unity Game Engine Tutorial: HS2 001

With the reboot of the Hack and Slash series for Unity 4, I have decided to include the scene files for the people that have purchassed the scripts.

#OUYA Controller Mapping for #Unity3d

OUYA Controller Mapping for Unity

Unity Remote Server Basics

One of the questions that I get on a regular basis is how to I communicate with a server over the internet with Unity.

12 - Bootcamp Radar System Restarted !

Here we are again after about two years !

How To Make Dll Libraries For Unity 3D

After one year of being silent, I thought to myself what would be a good tutorial to announce my coming back,
here it is.

285. Unity3d Tutorial - More Spells!

We are continuing on with our spell system for our Unity3d game by completing the implementation of the IAoE, and IBolt interfaces.

284. Unity3d Tutorial - Boom Boom Buff

In this video, we will create the Buff, Bolt, and AoE classes as well as work a bit more on our Spell Generator.

283. Unity3d Tutorial - Spell Generator Setup

In this video, we are going to start the creation of our base class for spells. The audio cut out at the end of this video, so there will be another part when I get the time to redo the ending.